Ixworth ChickenPros: Very good utility breed.
Cons: Only available in white.
Eggs: Good layer of tinted eggs.


The Ixworth was bred as a utility bird by Reginald Appleyard (who also bred the Appleyard duck) to create a chicken which will make a good size for the table and also lay a good amount of eggs.


Cockerels weigh about 9lbs and the hens around 7lb which makes them an excellent choice for smallholders as they can keep the hens and raise the cockerels for meat. Ixworths also make excellent back- garden chickens as they are generally calm and friendly.


The Ixworths plumage is always white. They have a pea comb, pinkish legs and beak and orange- red eyes. Hens will go broody on occasion.

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