Buff Plymouth Rock Bantam

Buff Plymouth Rock Bantam Pullets

Pros: Calm and Friendly
Cons: One of the larger bantams we keep.
Eggs: Light Cream

The Plymouth Rock Bantam is a miniature version of the Plymouth Rock. They begin laying early in the year, and lay a good amount of light cream eggs and do not often go broody.

Buff Plymouth Rock Bantam Cockerel

The large fowl equivalent of the Plymouth Rock Bantam was bred as a dual purpose breed and the bantams are also good layers.


Buff Plymouth Rock Bantams are hardy, friendly and calm and will make good backyard birds as they are pretty, active and yet do not mind human company.


They are sometimes referred to as Buff Rock Bantams. They are a good choice for people who wish to show their birds as they are smart, clean looking birds which are happy to be handled.


The Plymouth Rock is available in a variety of colours, barred and Buff being the tow most popular - we currently only keep Buff.

For Buff Plymouth Rock chicks, adult birds, hatching eggs or just to chat about whether this breed is suitable for your requirements please contact us